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Our mission

When a new life starts on this planet, it is connected. The systems that humans have created, have disconnected us from our essence. Our mission is to reconnect people with themselves, others and nature.



Our vision

A more responsible and sustainable interaction with nature and society.


Our Melaka

Worldwide, Melaka is known as a historical city. Yet what people, locals and visitors alike, don’t acknowledge is all the hidden lives and connections that make this state even more special.


Along the Strait of Melaka, you can find one of the most important biodiversity hotspots on the planet, bringing hundreds of different species together in this region, some that cannot be found in any other place in this world. At the same time, centuries of migration have brought cultures, traditions and values together in this region. This is what makes this state so rich, but also brings with it the risk of destruction when not properly looked after. If we do not work together to take care of this ecosystem, it could go lost forever.

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